Motherhood is HARD! Throw that in with all of the other responsibilities that life requires, it can sometimes feel like there’s just no time at all to take a break and wind down.

Throughout the years, I’ve realized that you just can’t pour from an empty cup. When you spend all of your time focusing on your family and work, and none on yourself, you just get burnt out. Through becoming more organized and leaning into my support system, I’ve learned to shift some of my focus back onto myself and want to share how you can do it too!
Break down your routine.

I am very persistent with writing daily to do’s, journaling and planning as much as I can to run the household. I have three calendars in the house, plus my phone and computer calendars! It’s never overkill if you are getting the job done. What can I say? I’m a Virgo!

Utilizing my calendars and writing out my daily/weekly goals has made it so much easier to balance my home, business, and to ALSO make sure I have enough time to focus on myself. One of my favorite things to do is get to bed after I have put all kids down for the night to enjoy a bowl of ice cream and indulge in some good ol’ ME time.

It takes a village

I am so thankful to have my husband as my biggest source of love and support. Everything that we do for our family and business, we do as a team. We encourage each other to succeed and be the best versions of ourselves.

I also have a huge family support. My life has changed so much between children so my family support is different but I am able to teach my kids to be the village for our village.

Let that sink in.

The goal is not only to receive but to give. Instead of family helping me with my children, I am now in a position to give back- whether it’s a meal or daily calls.

Your village can be anyone that you trust. Find your village, embrace their love and reciprocate the love.

Practice mindfulness

It’s very easy to get lost in your own life. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your daily/weekly/monthly schedule and you’re probably always thinking ten steps ahead to make sure everything is going as planned. Practicing mindfulness every day and being present in the moment is a huge part of self-care.

Create a gratitude journal, pray in the morning, journal about your day before bed… these are all great ways to practice mindfulness and reflect on yourself and the life that you’re living. I’ve also found this to be a great way to sort out problems because a peaceful mind can lead to an organized mind.

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care and self-love as a busy mom?