It’s been almost one week since we were at MomsGiving; I can’t believe it!

This week has been extremely busy for me so I am just sitting down to process the amazing time we had this past Sunday, November 12th.

This year’s MomsGiving was our third annual of its kind and our focus was affirming moms through words of affirmation and sharing a panel of five moms to touch on their careers, entrepreneurship, being well, and motherhood vs individuality.

MomsGiving allowed women from various walks of motherhood to join forces in one room to enjoy dinner, share stories, laugh, take pictures, and hopefully start the journey of building relationships beyond Sunday, November 12th.

The event took place at VisionLoft in downtown Indy.

Moderator: Olivia West

Panelists: Belinda Drake, Ashley Burns, Casey Harrison, Nicole Woodson, and Rachel Rhodes (from left to right).

Each panelist shared specific details about how they navigate(d) through different seasons of motherhood.

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The Event:

I was honored to share MomsGiving with multiple generations from my family.

My mom (not featured, photographer of this picture), my paternal and maternal grandmothers, my daughter, and my great-aunt.

I requested a bright but inviting feel along with using the All Things MOMMIE logo colors when planning for the decor of this event. It was very important to me that the ambiance was bright but comfortable. I wanted our mom attendees to feel the intentionality when they walked into VisionLoft and Ashanta from Luxe Experiences & Events did just that.

Luxe Experiences is more than just an event styling company – they are dedicated to creating experiences. Their team is passionate about bringing visions to life, and believe that every event should be an unforgettable experience. Their approach to luxury picnics and event design is all about curating beautiful, bespoke experiences that are tailored to clients’ specific needs and preferences. With a decade of combined experience, this company has developed a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating lasting memories that their clients will treasure forever. They specialize in seamlessly blending interior design and event styling to create spaces that are both beautiful yet functional, and are committed to delivering exceptional service and unparalleled attention to detail.

MomsGiving was a reminder for moms to find their communities, make self-care a priority, be open to friendships, be open to being vulnerable, be open to change, and to support other women.

Take aways: Do you have a supportive network?

Are you cutting out the expectations of others and giving yourself grace?

Ask yourself daily, how do you feel, what do you need, and make sure to honor that! -Rachel Rhodes

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