I have always been very particular about my hair and nails but it wasn’t until I became a mom of multiple children that I realized the importance of making myself a priority by recognizing how to maintain my physical, mental, and emotional health.

Although my daughter witnesses my personal self-care activities, it would be a disservice to miss a teaching opportunity in showing her the value of self-care.

Teaching her to love herself and operate at her best is something I value.

See our favorite activities that we enjoy during our 1:1 time.

  • Mani + Pedi
  • Hair appointments -Zion enjoys picking her own hair styles but of course, mother approved
  • Store runs for room decorations
  • Exploring Amazon
  • Grabbing ice cream or making ice cream sundaes at home
  • Riding in the car listening to music -blasting our favorites
  • Writing in our combined mother/daughter journal
  • Music and TikTok
  • Riding bikes when the weather permits
  • Going to eat- Outback wings are her favorite
  • Starbucks Run
  • Popcorn + Netflix
  • Exploring make up- this is a new thing!
  • Puzzles -I recently found three puzzles which she loves.

What are some of your self-care favorites that you and your daughter enjoy?

Below are a few journals that we have found successfulclick on them and check them out!