Although I love the fall season, it begins the flu season which can be challenging for families to stay healthy.

Every year my middle child, Cason gets the flu. It seems to be inevitable. Last year by this time in September, he had already contracted both the A & B strains of the flu! I blamed myself for having him out of the house. I blamed his daycare for doing their job and being open. I thought I covered all my ‘healthy’ mom basics. What happened? Total mom guilt! 

Mom guilt: the feeling of guilt, doubt, anxiousness or uncertainty experienced by mommies when we worry that we are failing or falling short of expectations, big or small. 

I have always been that mom that carries hand sanitizer and wipes down everything! I just couldn’t understand how MY kid was getting the flu. Although some things are preventable, many things are inevitable! 

See the 6 actions I take every flu season to keep my kids as healthy as possibile.


  1. Get flu shots. This topic is always different between families. I have gotten a flu shot since I was pregnant with my first child and have had great results during flu season. The CDC recommends anyone 6 months and older to receive a flu shot so all of my kids get flu shots. Although my 3 year old gets the flu each flu season, his symptoms have always been controlled and less severe. If you have little ones in daycare or elderly family members, you should strongly consider getting a flu shot. Everyone is trying to get vaccinated right now so make sure you schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you are thinking of getting a flu shot! Visit the CDC website for more information about the flu and prevention.
  2. Practice EXTRA hand washing. My kids always have their fingers in their mouths, even my big kids! I am consistent about taking breaks for hand washing throughout the day. My husband and I also enforce hand washing before eating, after using the restroom, and when our kids come inside after playing for at least 20 seconds (make sure they get a decent amount of soap for lather). For those with little ones, 20 seconds can seem long. Find a fun past time– sing a song, count, ask questions. 
  3. Get some sleep! Getting enough sleep is so important for your immune system to function the way it is supposed to. I am guilty of having a terrible sleep life. I have toddlers that are totally unpredictable at night and being a full time working mother of multiple kids requires a lot of late night or early morning working. I understand how important it is to develop a good sleep habit so I am challenging myself to get to bed early this season. We all know that if mom is down, this can drastically affect how our households are ran…we are the powerhouses, sorry dads. 
  4. Ramp up our vitamins. I struggle with the credibility of buying new products. I stick to the brands that have been around for a while. My toddlers use Flintstone multi-vitamins. I rotate between the Flinstone +Immunity Support for toddlers and the regular Flinstone toddler multi-vitamins. I also stay away from gummy vitamins for my kids because of the increased cavity risks. For my tweens, I use Flintstone multi-vitamins. Of course we should always be brushing our teeth at night but life happens! If you are using gummy vitamins, try to remind your kids about night-time brushing as much as possible. 
  5. Eat healthy meals. This can be challenging with little ones. My toddlers have a different mood every day at the table. I always offer multiple options of fruits and vegetables. My youngest, Peyton is good about eating all of his food at the same time. Cason, not so much! I give him a variety of the vegetables and meat first then fruit.
  6. Sanitize your home and toys everyday! It may seem like overkill but what does it hurt? Create a routine. Spray and wipe down everything, daily. I prefer to wipe my toys off with Clorox wipes but I know many other moms prefer to dump their toys in the bathtub with cleaning solution. My older two kids (11 and 12) have the job of wiping down door knobs and remotes throughout the week. Find a method that works for you. It can be time consuming but worth it. When my days are busy, I spray my entire house with disinfectant spray to get the job done.
    Healthy Habits = Healthy Home

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What vitamins are using?