So, let’s take a moment to address mom’s happiness today.
Here are three key actions on how you can be a happy mom, daily.

  1. Start the day well
  2. Take care of your mental health
  3. Manage your Mommiehood hardships

Start the day well

Leverage your mornings with energy
Wake up before your kids.

I am familiar with the feeling that if I get up earlier than the kids and go to bed later than the kids…that doesn’t add up!

So my compromise was to start slow and get as much done as possible the night before.

I challenge you to get up 15 minutes earlier than everyone in your house. Use this time to pray for peace and wisdom during the day, make your coffee, and just relax.

Once the kids wake up, you will feel at ease and will be able to relax. You’ll notice your anxiety level is a lot lower; you’ll feel accomplished!

Take care of your mental health

This means taking care of your mind and emotional well-being.
Make sure that you practice the act of self care every day. Self care can be simple. See a few tips below that I indulge in quite often.

  • Drink a cup of coffee in the morning -I like to sit on the patio or at the kitchen table while I drink my entire cup of coffee
  • Sit in your car- listen to music, read a book, take a nap-whatever works! It’s your world
  • Go for a walk
  • Take yourself to brunch
  • Visit a family member
  • Run to the store, even if you’re window shopping
  • Grab some ice cream or your drink of choice and sit outside
  • Call or text someone you love
  • Write in your journal

Manage motherhood hardships

It helped me when I stopped making everything a priority. How is everything a priority? You’re one person. I’ve learned to lessen my burdens and just have fun. It makes me less anxious and more enjoyable for my children.
•Don’t be afraid to ask for help
•Develop a system to keep track of the important things and the not so important things. This helps eliminate being burnt out.
•Set an alarm-give yourself specific time frames to reset and take breaks from the hard stuff. I don’t know about you but sometimes I just want 30 minutes to myself with NO plan.
Some moments aren’t made to be perfect and that’s okay!
You are a GOOD MOM. Even if you have bad moments, they will pass. Focus on the blessings. Remember to give your kids memories of the happy mom that is inspired by them.