Meet Erien!

Hey There,

I am the Author of All Things Mommie.

I am a married mom of four, a full time employee, co-owner of a small business, and creator of All Things MOMMIE. My life is not perfect but I am here to share my organized chaos with other mommies on how to balance it all.

My family is big and blended! For four years, it was just my daughter and I until I met my husband who also had a little boy and before we knew it, the size of my family doubled! We have since added two more beautiful babies and started a catering business. It wasn’t at all what we planned for ourselves but God had a plan BIGGER and BETTER than ours.

My wins exist because I don’t give up. As mommies, we must be persistent and learn from every season. Trust me, it hasn’t been easy but I am here to empower, support, and share ALL the tea with you.

Every day, I am learning to be the best wife and MOMMIE I can be without losing ME in the process.

Whether you are reading for yourself, your loved one, or aspiring to be a mom, I encourage you to engage and feel empowered!

I am so excited to share my journey with you!

Welcome to my team…TEAM MOMMIE.